Findings: Recognizing child sexual abuse: What is sexual abuse? How often does it happen? What should parents know? What are the signs my child has been abused?

is your s.o. safe?

Findings: How well do you know your love interest? This quick survey will help you think through your safety, and your child's safety.

Preventing as a parent

Findings: An on-line guide to choosing a safe caregiver. Seven questions with answers and resources to help you protect and prevent.


CSEC: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

csec and child welfare

Findings: The intersection between child sex trafficking/exploitation and the child welfare/foster care system | Risk factors and vulnerabilities | Recommendations

kentucky study

Findings: A full-scope assessment of child trafficking in Kentucky; Methods, patterns, gaps and recommendations.


risk reduction

Findings: Developing and Implementing Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Policies | Six Critical Components | Handling Disclosures | Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Planning Tool

school staff

Findings: An online self-paced 1-hour training module for school professionals (teachers, nurses, counselors, administrators and support staff) regarding child sex trafficking. The course provides a basic overview of child trafficking, including definitions, risk factors, possible indicators, and recommendations for responding to suspected trafficking. 


Findings: This “institute” acts as a central resource for medical and behavioral health professionals seeking information on sex and labor trafficking involving children and adults.The goals of the institute are to:

  1. Raise awareness among health professionals about labor and sex trafficking of children and adults.

  2. Increase the ability of health professionals to recognize potential victims and respond appropriately.

  3. Contribute to the body of research on human trafficking.


Findings: Project Starfish offers free lesson plans to help teachers talk about human trafficking in their own classroom. Interested in teaching about sex trafficking prevention in your classroom or school? You don’t need to be an expert! Starfish has created specific lesson plans for several areas of study, as well as ideas for class and school-wide awareness activities.


Guiding Principles

Findings: This tool educates agencies on the “guiding principles” for serving victims of human trafficking. From practices, to code of ethics, staff self-care and much more… this tool partners with you so you can do your very best.