Raise the Standard Prevention Program

Raise the Standard is a youth prevention program founded under Refuge for Women. We partner together to reach students all across Kentucky! The program discusses healthy relationships, sexual abuse and human trafficking. The curriculum is age-appropriate and based on current and relevant research. The sessions will help students by empowering them to develop healthy relationships built on respect and free from violence and intimidation. We want to help youth identify vulnerabilities and seek help for any unhealthy relationship that could lead them into sexual exploitation, abuse, and trafficking.



The goal is simple; to keep students safe. We seek to prevent human trafficking, protect students, and offer pathways of engagement to be a part of the solution to end slavery.


Refuge for Women is the nation’s leading aftercare source for sexually trafficked and exploited victims, and Safe Passage is working to open a Kentucky shelter for trafficked children. Hundreds of survivors stories have given us an inside look into what causes victims to be trapped into a life of vulnerability and exploitation. Our first-hand experience has led us to realize the extreme need for awareness and prevention efforts among youth. The Raise the Standard program seeks to give students the knowledge that they need to make wise decisions about their sexual health.


We tackle some of the typical topics of other programs but go a step further to address harder topics such as human trafficking, pornography, and online predators. The curriculum is available for both secular and faith-based organizations.


The time for youth to have a safe place to discuss safety, relationships, and self-worth has never been more critical than in today’s highly sexualized society. We understand how easy it is for students to access compromising content. We get that today’s culture has drawn it’s youth into a pattern of extreme amounts of screen time and heightened privacy, making them vulnerable to online predators. Bringing prevention and awareness to youth via a conversational platform will allow students the opportunity to think about and discuss their questions, fears, and concerns without judgement. Through this prevention program we hope to bring awareness to how porn, sex, trauma, and a lack of safety, self-worth and self-esteem are all interconnected when leading vulnerable youth into sexual trafficking and exploitation.


Our curriculum meets state and federal course standards that you may need to be covering! 


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The student prevention program can be tailored to meet the needs of any student group, including faith-based or secular. We are available to speak for a 1-hour session or three 60-90 minute sessions. We can address large audiences or groups as small as 25.

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