Out of The Grave 5k

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The Zombie Race has been dead in Louisville for 6 years now! We're bringing it back to life.

This resurrection comes with more purpose than ever before. Out of the Grave is a Fun Run fundraising event for the benefit of sexually trafficked children. Participants will enjoy this thrilling run in Waterfront Park, finding themselves immersed in the journey story of a trafficked child and her race for hope. Prepare to dodge zombies, overcome obstacles, and conquer the grave.

Family friendly: A fun and playful storytelling experience!

ABOUT SAFE PASSAGE   Safe Passage, Inc. is working to open Kentucky's very first shelter for sexually trafficked and exploited children. Today, Kentucky is annually investigating over 250 cases of alleged child trafficking. 94% of these victims already have a history with child welfare, telling us our most vulnerable children are at serious risk of becoming trafficked.

Right now Kentucky has no shelter that specializes in serving trafficked children. Safe Passage will be a unique space specifically designed for sexually trafficked and exploited children. We know this isn’t the end of the road for them. They have an entire hope-filled life ahead, and Safe Passage will be just one chapter. So whether they come for a short bit, or to stay, they’ll be safe, loved, and championed while they prepare to make their way back into the world.

ZOMBIES NEEDED  Not so much of a runner? Great! We need zombies who slow jog, walk and limp through the graveyard! Your mission will be to “kill” runners by stealing the lifelines from their flag-belts. While zombies are the enemy, they are still an essential part of the powerful story that we plan to unveil on the course. Grab some friends, or make it an office service project, and join us in bringing awareness to the issue of child trafficking through this fun run event! Head to the "Event Info" tab to sign up! Just click the "Zombie" Sign Up button and we'll get you all the details you need to help us make this a great, fun event for all.

WANT TO BE A FRONT RUNNER?  Join us in using this race as a platform for advocacy, good and justice! When you sign up to be a Front Runner you join our team in educating the community about the issue of child trafficking, and advocating for justice. We will equip you with the resources and knowledge you’ll need to do just that, and to raise money for Safe Passage. Whether you raise $0 or $1,000, your voice is key to spreading the news about our mission to give trafficked children safety and hope. Best of all? Our Front Runners will be celebrated for their efforts on the race day by kicking off the race as our actual front runners! When registering you will be guided to a donate page with an option to "Become a Fundraiser". Just complete that page, click the Front Runners team, and you're ready to go! Thanks in advance to those who help out in this way.


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