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Sending a warm (and probably somewhat awkward) virtual hug your way! It’s very nice to meet you. My name is Cara. My first home is Kentucky, and my second adopted home is Costa Rica. My love languages are coffee, pizza and popcorn. These foods fuel my passions for writing, working at Safe Passage, and talking to the community about tough issues.

My life has been pretty tough too. My story is about walking through anger, pain and confusion. I’m writing a book about re-discovering whether or not we have a good God when there is nothing good in life. It’s called Living the Fine Print, and you can nerd-out on some free sample chapters below.

I live in Kentucky in two cities, Lexington and Louisville, and work across many more. Based on that information, you can safely assume that I’m single and dog-free. I’m trying to fix one of those. Can you guess which one? I love to laugh. My spirit is a tad wild. And my heart races for things that are near to the Father’s heart. I care about discussing the really hard parts of life, being real, and empowering people to seek our good God through the storms of life.

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