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Safe Passage’s holistic aftercare will help victims address their present challenges and needs, overcome past root causes, and take hold of tomorrow’s hopeful possibility.

Residential Shelter

The Safe Passage shelter will serve sexually trafficked and exploited girls ages 12-17, with younger clients being considered on a case-by-case basis for shelter or outpatient services. The program will last up to 12 months, providing comprehensive services that are rooted in trauma-informed and evidence-based practices. The shelter will be a licensed child-caring facility hosting an intimate family style environment so residents may rebuild safety, trust and community. 

Weekly and phase-specific classes will help residents overcome personal challenges and barriers, and address violence and exploitation recovery and prevention. The Safe Passage culture will foster an inclusive, non-judgemental, and empowering community of freedom fighters. Safe Passage is rooted in faith-based values. We believe that Jesus can bring total healing to our hearts. Faith-based curriculum and activities are available if the resident desires, but is never forced and participation is not required for services. We cherish each child’s personal history and journey. Our heart is to partner with them on their unique, individual journey to healing and freedom.


  • Individual trauma therapy

  • Psychoeducational group activities and classes

  • Classes for inner healing, life-skills, coping and recovery for trauma and addiction, health and wellness, and employment prep

  • 24/7 shelter and basic needs

  • Accountability for healthy living practices (i.e. chores, exercise)

  • Faith-based classes and bible studies, if desired

  • Individualized case-management, tracking personal barriers, needs, goals and dreams

  • On-site education

  • Recreational activities and trips

Wrap-Around Services

Outpatient Services

Equivalent services (i.e. therapy, classes and case-management) will be available for outpatient clients. Sometimes victims have a safe place to return to and do not need shelter services. For these children we still offer the same services as we do to residents. Even trafficked boys will be eligible for outpatient services. These therapeutic services are key to helping victims break out of old cycles and into freedom. 

Caregiver Support and Training

Trafficked children struggle with many intimidating and complex needs that no caregiver feels ready for. Whether these children return to parents, other family members, or foster families, we provide support services for caregivers. We train caregivers about issues surrounding human trafficking, the barriers and struggles the child now faces, what to prepare for upon their integration into the home, and how to bravely partner with the child in recovery.


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